It is a term used in the world of finance and especially in online investment to refer to investment risk management. Money management is your ability to manage your gains and investment so as not to take risks outside your trading strategy. The forex swap, also called Rollover, is interest paid by the client to the online broker for positions open from one day to the next. Thus, leveraged trading makes it possible to negotiate much larger volumes for purchase and sale.

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Factors that influence FOREX

Leverage is a financial tool that allows the trader to invest larger sums of money than he actually owns in his trading account. The spread is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, i.e. the difference between the supply price and the demand price . The margin is an amount temporarily retained by the broker when the trader opens limefx scam a position in the market. This price difference, the Forex spread, is part of the broker’s remuneration. Any invelimefxr who wants to start trading on currencies must understand how forex works and the basic terms of this market. The gain or loss of a CFD is given by the difference between the position entry price and the closing price of the position.

ForexTBforex broker

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